Elizabeth Macklin

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And Erlea 10

With Love from Ainezalandia: New Poems

The 'première' of Ainezalandia in November 2015, at Bowery Poetry, alongside translations of songs by Mikel Urdangarin. (Photo: Mary Stewart Hammond)

Selected Works

"These [are] poems of abrupt perception and rigorous lyricism." —New York Times Book Review.
"[Her] city is surely the world, and the posture of kneeling surely implies reverence.." —Mary Oliver.
A novel from the Basque, published by Seren Books in 2014
A translation from the Basque, published by Graywolf Press in 2007
Several essays
A wander through Europe's oldest language, via a number of its latest speakers—poets, singers, writers, musicians—and bits of other phenomena.